Campinas hosts a group show of Chinese and Brazilian artists

The “Behind the Great Wall: New Chinese and Brazilian Art” exhibition arrives in Campinas and will be held from the 4th to 27th of August at the Art Gallery of the CPFL Institute, with free visits. This is a group exhibition with 21 Brazilian and Chinese artists, which converges on contemporary art, prompting reflections about the current moment and global society.

The works (70 in all) use different supports and languages, such as painting, sculpture, photography, tiles, installations, animation, and paper cutting. The visually impaired can enjoy the exhibition through a musical audio guide with narration of the key artworks of the collective, besides the tactile experience of some paintings.

The exhibition curator, Clay D’Paula, said that the exhibition gathers the little-known diversity of Chinese contemporary art and promotes the exchange between Chinese and Brazilian art productions. The exhibition, which has already toured Brasília and Rio de Janeiro, arrives for the first time to São Paulo’s city. It reopens the cultural work of the CPFL Institute, which has been interrupted since the beginning of the pandemic.