Cabo Verdean shipyards count Chinese among main customers

Only Spanish and Cabo Verdean ship owners give the Cabnave shipyards on the northern Cabo Verdean island of São Vicente more business than Chinese ship owners last year, Lusa reports.

The Portuguese news agency, citing the state-owned company’s financial report for 2019, says Spanish ship owners gave the Cabnave shipyard operation 29.4 percent of its custom, Cabo Verdean ship owners 28.3 percent and Chinese ship owners 20.1 percent.

The report says the value of the business done at the shipyards last year was 324.5 million escudos (about US$3.5 million), 4.6 percent more than the year before.

The 200 shipyard employees repaired 76 vessels last year, eight more than the year before, the report says.

Cabo Verdean Maritime Economy Minister Paulo Veiga said earlier this year that he was looking for private investors to help Cabnave get more business from abroad, Lusa says.