Cabo Verde wants to promote traditional Chinese medicine

On 27th July, Chinese equipment was transported to the Agostinho Neto University Hospital in Praia. On the occasion, the Minister of Health of Cabo Verde, Arlindo do Rosário, stated that the nation is aiming to integrate traditional Chinese medicine into the National Health Service as an alternative and complement to conventional medicine.

Cabo Verde has been discussing for years the implementation of traditional Chinese medicine, hoping that it will become a medical center that serves the entire African continent.

In May 2019, Cape Verde signed an agreement with the Traditional Chinese Medicine Scientific and Technology Industrial Park of Co-operation between Guangdong-Macao, with the aim of deepening cooperation in this area of medicine with China.

China has been one of the major partners for Cabo Verde’s development, which has contributed in several areas, such as social, military, economic housing, technology, and security.