BYD’s renewed cheap electric car Dolphin comes to Brazil

The BYD Dolphin has received novelties that include comfort items. The compact electric car from the Chinese manufacturer will arrive in Brazil with the entry-level model and top model. The hatch will be launched in Brazil still this year with a price below R$ 200.000 and the sales will start in the second semester.

Generally, the basic model has an electric motor with 95 horsepower, while the most advanced version arrives with 176 horsepower. Besides, the car takes 7,5 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h, which is one of its highlights, according to what the automaker itself reveals.

Another attribute that changes is autonomy, giving the customer options to choose between 300 km or 400 km. Not only that, as the item also has laminar battery technology, a technology that separates the battery cells into veneer, it also promises 50% more energy storage.

(Source: Jornal do Carro)