BYD to have a dealership in Pará in 2023

BYD Brasil will make its debut in Pará. The arrival of the brand is planned for the first half of 2023, with the start of operations of the first dealership in the state, BYD Vega. The unit will be located in the state capital, Belém, in the Umarizal neighbourhood. The debut is the result of the appointment of the Vega group as the company’s new partner in Brazil.

The Vega group started its commercial activities in the 1970s and also accumulates business in other areas, such as hotels, real estate, car rental, and even the export of Brazil nuts. In the automotive sector, it manages three dealerships of other brands.

BYD arrived in Brazil in 2015, when it inaugurated its first 100% electric bus assembly plant in Campinas (SP). Since then, the brand’s expansion in the brazilian market has reached 12 states and the Federal District. In addition to the Pará dealership, the company will also soon have its first point in Bahia.

(Source: Garagem 360)