BYD Skyrail has completed 70% of monorail platform port testing

The Chinese car brand BYD participated in the 28th Metrorail Technology Week organized between the 13th and 16th of September. The BYD Skyrail stand will have a sample of the São Paulo Metro Line 17-Gold monorail, which will connect the Morumbi and Congonhas Airport stations.

BYD Skyrail announced that 70% of testing with the Metro Line 17-Golden platform doors has been completed. For pandemic reasons, the São Paulo Metro project team has been monitoring the platform doors testing and the train evaluation online together with BYD Skyrail.

Line 17-Gold monorail trains are being built at BYD’s factory in Guang’na, China. There will be 14 trains in total, made up of five cars each, each consisting of five cars and all of which will operate completely autonomously, without the need for an operator. The train will have 72 seats and can comfortably carry around 600 people.