BYD announces the launch of Sport Coupe Seal in Brazil

BYD announces another launch for the Brazilian market. It is the Sport Coupe BYD Seal, a high-performance vehicle with technology of the latest generation. The novelty will be officially launched in Brazil in the coming weeks.

The BYD Seal is the first vehicle of the brand to adopt Cell-to-Body (CTB) technology. This is an innovation that acts in an integrated way with the Blade battery and the body structure, increasing the safety of the vehicle.

BYD also announced a piece of news for all its electric vehicles. The brand’s electric passenger models now come with an eight-year warranty or 200,000 kilometres for the electric motor and motor controller. The Blade battery continues to have an eight-year warranty with no mileage limit.

“Our goal is to increase customer satisfaction and consolidate the brand. It is very important to have the constant search for excellent service to maintain the competitiveness of our products,” says Tyler Li, president of BYD Brazil.

(Source: Diário da Manhã)