Brazil’s Vila Velha to receive 3,000 cars on maiden voyage of new Chinese ship

The Brazilian port complex of Vila Velha was chosen by one of the world’s largest shipyards – the international manufacturer “China Ocean Shipping Company (Cosco)” – as the destination for the first ship of a total of 45 vessels of its new “green fleet” (still under construction), to exclusively serve directly and regularly the maritime cargo transportation line that will interconnect, without the need for transshipment, China and Brazil.

On the 18th of July, the “Green Kemi”, which belongs to the new generation of Cosco ships, made its maiden voyage. The vessel departed from the Port of Taicang in Jiangsu province (eastern China) for the Vila Velha Terminal (TVV), bringing three thousand new vehicles in one go.

“Green Kemi” is the most modern, economical and low-carbon vessel in its fleet. The vessel operates with low fuel consumption and low carbon emissions.

(Source: Vila Velha City Council website)