Brazil’s Alagoas governor seeks to surpass R$600 million invested by Chinese in 2022

Headquarters of the ZTT fiber optic factory in Brazil, Alagoas wants to increase China’s participation in the trade balance. The meeting between the governor of Alagoas and the Nantong government leadership outlined a work plan to attract new companies from the Chinese city to the state.

“China moved around R$600 million in the Alagoas market in 2022, according to official Brazilian and Chinese data. We want more! With the ZTT itself, we want to encourage the expansion of the unit that exists in Marechal Deodoro and the construction of a solar module factory”, said the governor.

Marechal Deodoro has been Nantong’s sister city since 2021, and the mayor highlighted that the State and the municipality are united to foster a business environment favorable to the arrival of international companies to the metropolitan city.

(Source: TribunaHoje)