Brazilian freight company transports 3G/5G signal converters from China to Brazil

This month, Asia Shipping, a Brazilian multinational specializing in cargo integration, accomplished a remarkable feat. The company chartered a Boeing 777 freighter and transported approximately 90 tons of 3G/5G signal converters from China to Brazil.

The goods were transported by truck from Shenzhen to Hong Kong, both in China. From Hong Kong to São Paulo, there was a charter flight exclusively for this volume. Previously, the company had already transported around 14 tons of the same project.

According to Asia Shipping’s Procurement Director, normally transporting the entire volume of the project would normally require 7 to 10 flights, which would extend the operation by 4 to 5 weeks. Aside from avoiding delays and having a shorter transit time, the use of a charter can guarantee safety, especially in cargo handling, which offers fast, effective and safe transportation services.