Brazilian farm exports greater than ever on Chinese demand

The value of Brazilian exports of agricultural products rose to US$101.69 billion last year, 5.9 percent more than the year before and the most in any year yet, Xinhua reports, citing figures given by the Brazilian Agriculture Ministry.

The Chinese government-run news agency says the growth was driven by demand in China, the main market for Brazilian farm exports last year.

The report says the value of Brazilian farm exports to Mainland China grew to US$35.59 billion last year, one-third more than the year before, and that the value of Brazilian farm exports to Hong Kong was US$2.5 billion.

Official figures show China imported from Brazil 68.8 million tonnes of beans, or 82.3 percent of the amount Brazil exported; and 322,300 tonnes of beef, or 23.9 percent of the amount Brazil exported.

Farm products made up 42.4 percent of Brazilian exports last year, Xinhua says.