Brazilian Cotton Quality Program is well received in China

The 2022/23 crop of Brazilian cotton will arrive in the Chinese market with a novelty. Part of the bales shipped will have already been certified by the Brazilian Cotton Quality Program, developed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock (Mapa) in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Producers of Cotton (Abrapa). The news was welcomed by Chinese industrialists and officials.

“The next step now is to signal to Chinese partners the shipment of the first bales already certified by the new program,” contextualizes the president of Abrapa, Alexandre Schenkel.

In practice, the joint program between Mapa and Abrapa certifies cotton bales that meet the requirements of the international fiber quality verification standard. This analysis is carried out using standardized and internationally audited equipment and procedures, allowing the plume quality indicators to be accepted by the global market.

In ten years, imports of Brazilian cotton by China increased by 47%, and today, the country is the largest international customer of Brazilian cotton.

(Source: O Documento)