Brazilian company WIN Solar signs a partnership with Chinese module manufacturer ZNShine

WIN Solar, a distributor of solar equipment belonging to the All Nations Group, closed a contract with the Chinese manufacturer of photovoltaic solar modules, ZNShine. The first order totals around 50 megawatts (MW) in generators, with the proposal to supply the stock to meet the demands of distributed generation projects in homes and businesses in Brazil.

This first batch has 550 W and 555 W equipment, and part of it has already arrived at the distribution center, in Nova Iguaçu, in Rio de Janeiro. In February, all new stock will be received. With the order, WIN Solar becomes the first distributor in Brazil to stock a power of 555 W.

With a view to consolidating a long-term partnership through the acquisition of modules on a monthly basis, the strategy also includes a focus on equipment with greater power and performance in low light, foggy, cloudy and dawn conditions. For 2024, it is expected to double the volume of orders.

(Source: Win Solar)