Brazilian company Suzano is receiving strong demand from China

Suzano, the Brazilian pulp and paper company, has been receiving strong demand from pulp producers in China, who have reduced production to buy from third parties in the face of low prices for the commodity on the global market, the company’s president, Walter Schalka, said on the 23rd of August.

“The pulp market is now adjusting to supply, with companies in China reducing production and buying pulp,” said the executive.

“We’ve received a lot of demand. Stocks at the ports and at customers are adjusting,” he added, noting that the time for restocking will come soon and should help speed up the recovery in prices.

On the 18th of August, the company announced an increase of 20 dollars in the price of a ton of pulp sold to China as of September, which brought the value of the product to around 550 dollars, said the executive.

(Source: UOL)