Brazilian city of Aracaju formalizes sister city agreement with Chinese city of Yantai

On the 13th of July, the Brazilian city of Aracaju formalized a partnership with the Chinese city of Yantai, in a ceremony held in the capital of Sergipe.

During the ceremony, the Mayor of Aracaju, Edvaldo Nogueira, and the Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party of Yantai, Jiang Cheng, signed the ‘Sister Cities’ agreement, which is valid for five years, which establishes a mutual understanding for the economic development of the two cities, based on the strengthening of governmental and interpersonal relations.

According to the Mayor of Aracaju, Edvaldo Nogueira, the agreement signed is the result of a work that began four years ago, when relations with the Chinese city were initiated.

Edvaldo also emphasized that the strengthening of ties between the cities opens up a range of possibilities with regard to Aracaju’s economic growth, with a boost in the most diverse areas of the economic sector.

(Source: Website of government Aracaju)