Brazil signs agreements with Chinese companies in energy, green fuels and wind turbines

The Industrial and Port Complex of Pecém and the State of Ceará signed agreements with Chinese companies SPIC and Mingyang Smart Energy Group about renewable energy, green fuels and wind turbines projects, according to an announcement made by the Brazilian government on the 14th of April.

The memorandum of understanding signed with SPIC, one of China’s largest renewable energy companies, involves onshore and offshore wind, solar, blue (produced from gas with subsequent carbon capture) and green (produced from renewable sources).

In the case of Mingyang Smart Energy Group, the agreement seeks to promote investments and the implementation of renewable energy projects, including hydrogen, ammonia, methanol and green ethanol, in addition to an offshore wind energy pilot project and a Turbine Technology and Repair Center. Wind. The estimated investment for the venture is 1 billion reais.

(Source: IstoÉ)