Farm in northeastern Brazil pioneers use of 5G technology

The first farm in Brazil managed with the use of fifth-generation (5G) wireless telecommunication technology is now operating in Baixa Grande do Ribeiro, in the northeastern state of Piauí, the Xinhua Silk Road website reports, citing the Brazilian Ministry of Communications.

The use of 5G technology is forecast to make the farm 20 to 30 per cent more productive than a comparable conventional farm, the Chinese state-run website reported on Monday.

The report says artificial intelligence will reduce the need for human intervention, autonomous robots on the farm being able to make decisions on their own.

The 5G technology lets cattle herders check the health of their stock instantly, the Xinhua Silk Road website says.

Separately, the Agência Brasil China news agency reports that the Brazilian government has given 31 schools in Piauí 310 computers and 310 free connections to the Internet, which will benefit about 5,000 pupils.