Brazil is the 3rd largest importer of photovoltaic modules from China in the fist quarter of 2022

In the first quarter of 2022, China exported 37.2 GW of photovoltaic modules  with an increase of 112% over the same period of last year, in which Brazil imported 4.9 GW of modules, with an 84% increase on last year’s 2.6 GW, according to a study by PV Infolink.

Thanks to tariff exemption for imported photovoltaic products, Brazil becomes the third largest market for Chinese photovoltaic modules, being the main driving force in the Americas.

PV Infolink points out that the growth on the export of China’s photovoltaic modules can be attributed to the European market, which accelerates the roll-out of renewable energy sources on the back of Russian’s war on Ukraine.