Brazil buys over US$3 billion in Chinese auto parts

In 2022, China sold US$3.18 billion in automotive components to Brazil, which represented a 16.2% growth over the total of US$2.74 billion recorded in 2021. The sale of auto parts produced in the United States to the Brazilian market reached US$ 2.42 billion last year, a volume 23.9% higher than the previous year, which was US$ 1.96 billion. 

In the ranking of Brazilian imports, China has a 16.3% share, followed by the United States, with 12.4%, Germany, with 9.9%, and Japan, with 8.6%, according to the trade balance report published on the Sindipeças website.

With regard to exports, the five main Brazilian partners are Argentina – 35.3% share – the United States, Mexico, Germany and Chile. The neighboring country bought US$ 2.95 billion in auto parts produced in Brazil last year, which represented a significant increase of 51.3% over the previous year, when the total was US$ 1.95 billion.

(Source: Auto Indústria)