Brazil begins exporting citrus pulp to China

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa) of Brazil sent a list to General Administration of Customs of China, which contains the first five companies authorised to export citrus pulp to China. Citrus pulp is the by-product obtained from juice extraction by the industry and is raw material for animal feed.

The export of this product has been negotiated since 2017 and this year with the signing of the protocol, the market was opened for the sector. Now the qualified companies will be able to ship their products as the Chinese demand, according to the Plant Quality Coordinator, Hugo Caruso.

With the growth of China’s dairy sector, the demand for products to feed these animals has increased, citrus pulp being a possible source. The signing of the protocol represents a good opportunity for Brazil, which will be able to serve the Chinese market, said Caruso.