Braspress going green by buying JAC Motors electric trucks

Brazilian logistics company Braspress Transportes Urgentes Lda, with a view to cutting its carbon emissions, has ordered light electric trucks made by Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co. Ltd (JAC Motors), the truck maker says.

A written statement issued by Chinese state-owned JAC Motors last week quotes an unidentified executive of Braspress as saying the order ushers in a new era of greener transport in Brazil.

JAC Motors says other buyers of its electric trucks in Brazil include German international courier company DHL International GmbH and US maker of soft drinks PepsiCo Inc.

JAC Motors is a pioneer of the market for electric trucks in Brazil, according to the company statement.

Last month JAC Motors announced that a Brazilian newspaper, O Estado de S. Paulo, had ranked its N55 model as its light truck of the year.