Book on modern Portuguese classical music published in Macao

A Chinese translation of a book on modern music in the classical style composed by Portuguese has been published in Macao, the Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau says.

The bureau issued a written announcement saying the translation is meant to promote Sino-Portuguese cultural and artistic exchanges.

The bureau says the book is entitled “Contemporary Classical Portuguese Music”, is written by University of Aveiro academics Helena Santana and Rosário Santana, and is translated into Chinese by Shao Xiaoling, another University of Aveiro academic.

The announcement says the book focuses on composers Jorge Peixinho, Cândido Lima and João Pedro Oliveira, all of whom have been influential in this century or the last.

The book is meant to fill the gap in academic sources on its subject that are available in Chinese, the announcement says.

Portuguese Catholic missionaries brought European Renaissance music to China via Macao after the 16th century, the Cultural Affairs Bureau says.