Antaisolar will supply 187 MW in trackers for Cemig’s solar power plant

Antaisolar, a Chinese supplier of photovoltaic equipment based in Xiamen, announced the signing of an agreement to supply 187 MW of solar trackers for a solar energy project developed by Cemig in Minas Gerais. The equipment serves to change the position of the photovoltaic panels throughout the day, maximizing the incidence of solar rays.

Antaisolar will use TAI-Simple for the project, its 1P tracking system, which features a torque tube that enables the entire structure to be effectively protected with shock absorbers on both sides. This improves the wind resistance capacity as well as being more economical.

TAI-Simple is also designed to match large-sized or bifacial modules, achieving a wider range of tracks that can effectively reduce LCOE.

The photovoltaic plant, whose completion date is scheduled for the third quarter of 2023, is estimated to deliver 220 million kWh of clean energy annually to the region of Minas Gerais.

(Source: Portal Solar)