Another Chinese carriage from Porto Metro has arrived

The new Metro do Porto carriage made in China arrived in Portugal in February. Now, it is being tested so that it can enter circulation, guaranteeing all safety standards.

The testing phase of these new carriages lasts for about three months. JN said that 17 tons of sand were placed inside the most recent composition, which corresponds to the weight of the 244 passengers who can circulate in the transport at the same time.

In this testing phase, the acceleration and braking systems, the air conditioning, the noise emitted by the vehicle and the passenger information system were checked.

The Parque de Material de Oficinas (PMO) in Matosinhos will soon receive four more new compositions that will undergo a new testing phase.

The new carriage is 1.90 meters high, has a capacity for 244 passengers, of which 64 can travel seated, and is expected to start running on the rails between May and June.

(Source: Jornal Notícias Maia)