Annual sales of Cherys in Brazil grow to 20,182 in 2019

Chery Automobile Co. Ltd of China sold 20,182 motor vehicles in Brazil last year, increasing its share of the market there to 0.9 percent, the 14th-biggest, from under 0.3 percent the year before, Nanmei QiaoPao reports.

The Brazilian Chinese-language newspaper, citing figures given by the Brazilian association of automobile dealers, Fenabrave, says Chery sales in the South American country last year were the greatest since 2017, when the company and Brazil’s largest maker and distributor of motor vehicles Caoa Group formed a partnership.

Fenabrave data indicate that 2.79 million motor vehicles were sold in Brazil last year, 8.65 percent more than the year before and the most since 2014, Nanmei QiaoPao says.