Angolan officials approve ongoing work by Chinese firms in Uíge

Inspectors surveying construction projects in the northern Angolan province of Uíge have expressed their approval of the work done China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group Co. Ltd (CTCE) and China Road and Bridge Corp. (CRBC), Angop reports.

The news agency says Secretary of State for Construction António Teixeira Flor and his entourage inspected the construction of 76km of roadway, including two bridges, and the rehabilitation of a third, being undertaken by CTCE in the municipality of Quitexe. The work began last year and the road is due to open next year.

The report says the officials also inspected the construction by CRBC of public housing containing 500 homes in Uíge, the provincial capital. The work, which includes ancillary infrastructure, began in May, and 102 dwellings have so far been built.

Mr Teixeira Flor blamed any difficulty in keeping to the construction schedules on the fall in the international price of oil, Angop says.