Angolan Geological Institute gets new Chinese-built home

President João Lourenço of Angola has opened new facilities for the Angolan Geological Institute, built by Chinese state-owned CITIC Construction Co. Ltd, Lusa reports.

The Portuguese news agency quotes Mr Lourenço as saying the institute will help explore for all sorts of mineral resources, and not just oil, natural gas and diamonds.

Mr Lourenço said the institute had cutting-edge technology and qualified staff, many of them young Angolans, which together could serve state and private investors in the oil, farming and construction industries.

The report says the institute has its headquarters in a suburb of Luanda, and outposts in the provinces of Huíla and Lunda Sul.

A written statement issued by the Angolan government quotes Mr Lourenço as saying he intends to re-start the geological survey of Angola, another undertaking overseen by CITIC Construction, Lusa says.