Alibaba wants to launch training for farmers to sell products on the platform

Alibaba, already operates in Brazil through AliExpress and now wants to expand his presence. The idea is to become a digital sales channel option for small and medium-sized national entrepreneurs.

Currently, products such as ornamental stones, honey, propolis, nuts and chestnuts, coffee and açaí, products recognized worldwide for having a good harvest in Brazil, are sold on the platform, but the merchant is almost never Brazilian and most of the time sells from other counties. For example, the biggest acai seller on Alibaba is Belgian.

Therefore, to change the context, the company seeks a partnership with the Brazilian government to enable these small and medium-sized Brazilian producers to directly market their products on the platform.

The company wants to offer farmers training, such as digital marketing techniques and video recording to display the products.

(Source: Sputnik Brasil)