AEP helps small and medium-sized enterprises open up the Chinese market

The Associaço Empresarial de Portugal (AEP) will assist Portuguese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing an internationalization strategy for China, Japan, and South Korea through the Next Challenge Asia project.

In order to achieve the objectives, the AEP will establish a series of training activities for Portuguese SMEs and promote products from the agro-food, home, building materials, and infrastructure (water and energy) sectors.

For 2023, actions are planned to promote Portuguese products in Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing, including activities such as visits to factories and companies, lectures, sectorial workshops and networking sessions, in order to intensify the exchange of businessmen between Portugal and the target countries.

In addition, the AEP will launch three digital tools, completely free to use, which allow entrepreneurs to diagnose market interest, assess the company’s degree of preparation to start internationalization and outline a strategy to do so successfully.

(Source: SAPO)