Acting Governor of Rio Grande do Sul meets with Chinese ambassador

The opening of new markets and the expansion of trade relations between Rio Grande do Sul and China was the subject of the meeting between the acting governor, Gabriel Souza, and the Chinese ambassador to Brazil, Zhu Qingqiao, on the 9th of May in Brasilia. The objective is to make viable points of the bilateral agreement of strategic partnership signed between the two countries in April of this year, especially regarding the commercialization of pecan, rice and animal protein products.

Gabriel presented data that place the state as the main producer of pecans and rice – the two crops represent 70% of the total produced in Brazil. In addition, he highlighted the state’s status as a foot-and-mouth disease free zone without vaccination.

A new meeting to broaden the discussion is scheduled for June, when the Federation of Business Entities of Rio Grande Sul (Federasul) holds the 10th Meeting of Ambassadors. The event, which seeks to generate new export and import fronts, foresees the presence of representatives from different nations, such as China, India, Chile, Uruguay, Italy and other European Union countries.

(Source: Official Site of the Government of Rio Grande do Sul)