ACFTU donates three respirators to the Brazilian city of Mauá

Earlier this month, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) delivered three respirators to the Municipality of Mauá, in the State of São Paulo, Brazil.

In January of 2021, at the meeting of the leaders of the Central Única dos Trabalhadores, Força Sindical, União Geral dos Trabalhadores and Central de Trabalhadores do Brasil with the ACFTU, the Chinese federation committed to providing materials and humanitarian aid.

The ACFTU released $300,000 in equipment donations. In total, 18 respirators were donated, three of which were delivered to the city of Mauá and the others will be sent to cities in the north or northeast of Brazil. Due to the pandemic, the delivery took longer and the respirators arrived only this month.

The ACFTU is the largest union in the world with 302 million workers and 1.7 million affiliated unions.