39th Anniversary of China-Cape Verde Cooperation Highlights Contribution of Chinese Doctors to Public Health

The Minister of Health of Cape Verde, Filomena Gonçalves, on the 4th of July expressed her deep gratitude and appreciation to Chinese doctors for the fundamental role played in strengthening the country’s health system. During the recognition ceremony of the Chinese medical team, the Minister emphasized the hard work and dedication of these professionals.

The ceremony, held as part of the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the sending of the first Chinese medical team abroad, also coincided with the 39th anniversary of cooperation between the People’s Republic of China and Cape Verde in the health sector.

“Throughout these years of collaboration, we have witnessed the constant and active presence of Chinese doctors in our health institutions”, stated Filomena Gonçalves. “These professionals have been working side by side with our medical professionals, sharing knowledge, skills and experiences that have been invaluable for the development of the Cape Verdean health sector.”

Over the past 39 years, China has regularly sent medical teams to Cape Verde, totaling almost 200 professionals distributed in 20 teams that support the country’s National Health System.

(Source: Website of the government of Cape Verde)