22 ships are loading Brazilian corn for China

The National Association of Grain Exporters (Anec) forecasts still heated corn exports in January of 4.327 million tonnes, down 25.76% from 5.829 million tonnes in December, but up 94.60% from 2.223 million tonnes in January 2022. Anec also highlighted in a report that 22 ships were tracked carrying corn with China as a potential destination.

The total Brazilian corn to be shipped to China would be around 1.73 million tonnes, and the rest would be from other destinations, according to the information from the TF Agroeconomics report.

The Chinese market was opened last year for Brazilian grain. In December 2022, between four and six ships sailed with Brazilian corn to China, in the first shipments since a new bilateral trade protocol came into effect, according to data from HedgePoint Global Markets.

(Source: Compre Rural)