14 tons of licuri from Bahia are exported to China

The licuri, a fruit native to Caatinga, Brazil and the result of Bahian family farmers’ work in sustainable extraction, has gained international notoriety and is on its way to China. In the month of August 2022, 14 tons of fresh licuri were sent to a Chinese food company.

The product originated in the municipality of Itiúba and was sold by the company Licuri Brasil. The Cooperativa Regional de Agricultores Familiares e Extrativistas da Economia Popular e Solidária (Coopersabor) explained that the exported licuri was peeled and that the fruit peel was used for animal feed. The expectation of Coopersabor is to send another 150 tons in the next purchase, benefiting more than 500 family farmers.

In recent years, licuri has gained visibility with the creation of new products, such as beer, olive oil and candy. Today, it represents a great economic power for the semiarid region of Bahia.