The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) says MGTO Director Helena de Senna Fernandes thinks more Portuguese will visit Macao now the Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies has made the city its preferred destination this year.

A written statement issued by the MGTO says Ms Senna Fernandes said so in accepting certificate showing that Macao is the association’s preferred destination, which was presented by the head of the association, Pedro Costa Ferreira.

Ms Senna Fernandes said the association’s preference shows the association to be an important facilitator of closer relations between Portuguese travel agents and Macao.

“We will certainly see more contacts among the travel trade, and new Macao and multi-destination tourism packages appearing in the market, attracting more Portuguese visitors to Macao,” she said.

The Lisbon Travel Market 2019, which opened this week, made Macao its international guest destination, says the MGTO, who launched the “Experience Macao – Portugal” tourism promotion campaign this week in Portugal.