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A delegation from the Permanent Secretariat of Forum Macao, led by Secretary-General Xu Yingzhen, visited on January 23 the Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Industrial Park of Co-operation between Guangdong and Macao. The aim of the visit was to understand better the development of the industrial park and explore new avenues for cooperation.

The delegation was welcomed by the industrial park’s President, Lu Hong. She delivered a presentation about the facility, highlighting its competitive advantages including its location, and the preferential policies to assist companies investing there. Ms Lu discussed the development of the industrial park, its goals, the planning that had gone into it, and its activities, particularly in regards to exchanges with Portuguese-speaking Countries. In addition, she announced the industrial park’s activity plan for 2019 in the field of international cooperation.

The Forum Macao delegation visited several parts of the industrial park, including areas dedicated respectively to international cooperation, quality inspection, and development of good manufacturing practices. That helped the members of the delegation to have a better understanding of the development and goals of the industrial park.

A seminar involving representatives from both sides also took place, to discuss past and future cooperation. Ms Xu said the Permanent Secretariat had been supporting cooperation between the industrial park and Portuguese-speaking Countries, with a view to boosting collaboration between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries in traditional medicine. She hoped the visit to the facilities of the industrial park had helped members of the Permanent Secretariat learn more about its planning, development and activities, thereby contributing to a deepening of cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries.