Guiné-Bissau Fishing Minister Maria Adiatú Djaló Nandigna has said the government has contracted a Chinese company to ensure a steady supply of good fish to all the fish markets in her country, Agência de Notícias da Guiné (ANG) reports.

The Guiné-Bissau state-run news agency quotes Ms Nandigna as saying on Friday, while the first batches of fish were being delivered to the cities of Bafatá e Gabú, that her government did the deal because the country lacks a fishing fleet.

The report does not identify the Chinese company.

The minister said fish was a staple for the Guiné-Bissau population which the government was obliged to supply.

“If the people have no access to fish, the government is not doing its duty,” ANG quotes Ms Nandigna as saying.


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